Waldhausen Vitamin E – for extra strength


  • Product no. 3902900
  • Waldhausen Vitamin E may strengthen the motivation and will to perform,
    may take a positive effect on the horse”s muscles and joints.
    Supports the muscle building.
  • Horse Care and Supplementary Feed products – premium quality made in Germany
    Waldhausen‘s wide-ranging products for high quality horse- and leather care have been developed, tested and established for years in cooperation with World- and European Champions, Olympic winners, as well as with show and leisure riders. Care products and feed additives are manufactured by experienced and distinguished producers only under strict quality checks.
    We strive to make the latest scientific and technological research results available to you with our products – and
    make sure to use only carefully checked primary products. Our experience and our
    name guarantee high grade quality.
    Quantity: 1 kg

    Composition : Corn 34,00 %. Wheat Bran 18,00 %. soybean extract, steam toasted 10,00%. dextrose 8,00 %. Propylenglykol 2,00 %.
    molasses 1,00 %. soybean oil 1,00 %
    Analytcal Components: Raw Proteine 11,00 %. Crude Fibres 2,40 %. Raw Oil and Fat 13,10 %. Raw Ashes 2,10 %.
    Additives per kg:
    Nutritional additives: L-Lysin 20000 mg. Vitamin E 100000 mg. Vitamin C 25000 mg.
    Selen as Natriumselenit (E 8) 15 mg

    Feeding Instructions:
    Large horses (600 kg KGW): 50 g per day
    Small horses: 25 g per day
    (1 heaped measuring spoon = approx. 25 g)
    Must only be fed up to 300g per day maximum!


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